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Plant Nutrients

We carry a large selection of the most popular brands of nutrients. We can also have a custom nutrient developed based on your water analysis. This takes into consideration the naturally occurring nutritional elements in your water supply as well as other factors.  The Hydroponic Industry has a lot of different producing lines catering to growers. To see the extensive selection available check out Sunlight Supply, and give us a call at 847-772 4776 to order or to answer any questions.  We also offer services to formulate and blend the nutrients to specifically match your unique water supply.


CANNA was awarded first prize for its revolutionary plant products at a prestigious annual expo in Holland for hydroponic and soil growers. They are the Dutch experts and internationally recognised world wide leader in intelligent plant technologies for cultivating your favourite plants in cocoponics, hydroponics and soil. It's a combination of common sense and uncommon dedication. Since 1979, the founder has searched the planet for active plants and minerals for plant health and well being. Years of experience, indigenous inspiration and the latest high-tech plant research have culminated in effective formulas that guarantee everyone can achieve amazing results. The use of our cutting-edge, nutritional plant products are clean, simple, easy to use and do not harm the environment. Each CANNA product has been lovingly created to offer you the greatest yields possible when using a specific growing medium or method. The secret behind CANNA's intelligent products is found in a carefully balanced and integrated blend of the finest main and trace elements for each growing medium and fertilizer combination. Today, CANNA is available throughout Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa. They have been voted by growers around the globe as the world's No.1 brand in plant technologies. Quality proves itself!

A leading innovator in the field of hydroponics with factories in North America and Europe. General Hydroponics was founded over 35 years ago, by Lawrence Brooke. Lawrence’s inspiration for his first hydroponic system was a mountain stream and the plants thriving beside it. This system was prototyped and General Hydroponics began. Lawrence forged relationships with renowned botanists and chemists while attending UC Berkeley in the 1970’s and it was in those early years of his research that General Hydroponics’ legendary pH stability was developed. Dedicated to GH since the beginning, Cal Hermann was one of Lawrence’s colleagues then, and is still the Head Chemist for the company now. And the UC system where it all began continues to test our formulas in their state-of-the-art research centers at UC Davis and Berkeley. Situated in the heart of Sonoma County, California, General Hydroponics sits on ten beautiful, sun drenched acres. The warehouse and production factory at General Hydroponics is 45,000 square feet of state of the art industrial space with a roof top covered in a multi-million dollar solar array. The massive greenhouses are filled with plants for testing systems and nutrients- basil, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, sunflowers and more. Impressive ornamentals are grown as well. Behind the greenhouses, GH also farms in the lush soil, growing everything from giant pumpkins to 1/4 acre of delicious strawberries. General Hydroponics is proud of its tradition of bringing nature and technology together. GH will always continue to strive for quality, simplicity, innovation, and a sustainable future.

As hydroponics experts, Botanicare is dedicated to providing you with superior products, helpful education and support for all of your hydroponic needs. What started as an experimental plant nutrient, brewed in the back room of an Arizona retail gardening store has evolved into Botanicare, a global market leader in hydroponic products. Celebrating our 15th Anniversary of innovation, we have seen the industry and our company blossom - continually creating new solutions, combining science and nature to encourage self-sufficiency. We take control of consumption by sourcing, creating, and customizing innovative and relevant products - all in the name of catapulting our brand to be the leader in taking our planet to a sustainable level. We function as a highly organized, collaborative team of deeply rooted growers that see the world of Hydroponics going mainstream. Included among our circle of friends are our employees, our retail partners, distributors, vendors, and avid growers like you. Our premium nutrients, supplements and systems allow you to grow anywhere; indoors or out, from Chandler to Quebec, the Golden State to the Great Lakes.


The Only Formulas with Complete Nutrition. Dyna-Gro is more than a fertilizer. Dyna-Gro is a complete nutrient solution "The Nutrition Solution". Ordinary fertilizers are incomplete. Many only contain N-P-K! Some contain additional elements but are still not complete. Only Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions contain all 16 of the minerals essential for optimum plant growth in one, easy to use, liquid concentrate. Omission of any one of these minerals will result in either abnormal growth, the failure to complete all life cycle functions or premature death. With Dyna-Gro, simply dilute the appropriate formula to the desired concentration with the assurance that all macro and micro nutrients are present in the proper ratios. For more than 20 years Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions have excelled in the hydroponics industry as the sole source of nutrition for fast production of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions were developed from research in the science of hydroponics where plants must be supplied with all of their essential nutrients in solution. The only difference between growing hydroponically and growing in soil is time. In time, even the best soil will become depleted as the plant takes up available nutrients. While adding incomplete fertilizers may keep your plants alive, only a balanced source of all essential elements will produce optimum plant growth and health. With Dyna-Gro, there is no need to source multiple components, weigh, dissolve and mix in order to come up with a complete nutrient solution. Simply dilute the appropriate Dyna-Gro formula to the desired concentration with the assurance that all macro and micro nutrients are present in the proper ratios.



We also offer services to formulate and blend the nutrients to specifically match your unique water supply. A hydroponic gardener uses minerals that are water soluble and ready to be taken up by the plant roots. Scientists and researchers have determined exactly what minerals a plant needs and in what quantities. A large number of hydroponic nutrient formulas have been developed and, although some have better results than others, there is no one perfect mixture. The success of each nutrient formula depends on the conditions it is used in and what plants are being grown. Using a pre-mixed nutrient formula can be inefficient and costly when your conditions could benefit from from a custom nutrient mix. These custom formulas contain all the minerals and nutrients that a plant needs, in the correct proportions and are available in dry form.

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